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04 August 2009 @ 07:55 am
Couple meme  
Am bored so I googled LJ memes and found this one @ jolly-tenkaijin@dA here.

Choose a couple. (Can be OCs too)

1.What are the names of the two characters ?
Eri Yuzaka & Travis Mavlov (OCs belonging to me (Eri) & Marbles (Travis)

2.What is their situation ? (e.g married, gf/bf, one sided)
GF/BF...off and on. Currently they're together but in the past they've broke up and gotten back together. PLUS, their best friend Marina Takahisa (another OC of mine) has dated Travis while he and Eri were broken up. It was like, if he wasn't with Eri, he was with Marina. However, they are still best friends. Also, they've been living together since they were born because their dads are best friends too.

3.How did they come together ?
Their dads ended up getting three groupies pregnant. Travis' dad & Eri's dad were in a band together and Marina's dad quit his two jobs to be their publicist/manager. (Yes, they're the same age.) When the three met these three groupies, they had a one night stand that turned out to be more because all three of them made the girls pregnant. Then the girls found a new band and left after the babies were just a few months old. So Eri & Travis have lived together with their dads and Marina & her dad since they were born.

4.Do they have any similarities ?
They're both extrovert. Eri isn't afraid to tell you how it is...she gets her temper from her mom...as does Travis & he's not afraid to tell you how it is either! Oh! And they share the same birthday...only MINUTES apart!

5.Do they have any pet names for each other ?
Nope, and thank GOD!

6.Have they kissed or anything ?
Yes, many a time! I'm sure they've had sex too before. Also, Eri ended up moving with her dad to Japan (yes, she's half Japanese & her dad is full-blooded Japanese) for two years while she was in the 9th & 10th grades. While in Japan, Travis picked up and flew to Japan without letting ANYONE know. Good thing his dad did the exact same thing when he was in high school when Eri's dad moved to Japan for awhile, which luckily didn't end up permanent!

7.Have they got any children or any family ?
No, they're fresh out of high school!

8.Were they friends before they got together?
Best friends

9.Is there anyone else that’s in love with one of the people in the couple?
Yes, Marina is in love with Travis. Although, that could be because she trusts him with everything even though she was on & off again with him, but found out that he really liked Eri & just liked her.

10.Final question. What is your view on this couple?
They're not as complicated as they sound. If anything, I love them together! What's not to love about the kids of best friends being together?

I might do this meme again with other couples I have in my tibbyskids RPG.
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reigin_chan: chibi yabu!reigin_chan on August 4th, 2009 02:36 pm (UTC)
oh i see...kk then!